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5 ways Grammarly will help with your applications

Use Grammarly! Its important that you catch you’re common mistakes! 😉

When applying to a U.S based architectural firm as an international candidate, it’s very likely that English is not your native tongue, and for some, not even your second language. So it is completely understandable that you make a few grammar errors here and there, but it’s highly recommended that you correct all of those mistakes. Higher-ups are aware of the fact that English may not be your strongest language, but having mistakes in your portfolio or resume, specially when it is more than one, can come across as sloppy or carelessness from your end. Unfortunately, not everyone is as understandable, and those slight grammar errors may distract the viewer from the content that matters in your work. So, always check and double-check your work and try to find someone that is proficient in English so that they can give it a read and help you correct any mistakes. Don’t worry though, there are also plenty of apps that can help you with this as well. One of those apps is Grammarly! It’s free!

1. Grammar and Punctuation

It says it all in the name, but Grammarly will pick up on any of these mistakes and give you suggestions on how to fix them. It will detect errors that common spell checkers don’t pick-up. So if you are someone that usually misspells words or forgets to add periods or commas, this will be a useful tool for you.

2. Common misspellings

Given that English is probably not your native tongue,  Grammarly will detect any spelling errors in your work. So it will look out for those words that may be easy for you to confuse or use wrongly in your text.

3. Enhance writing style

The platform will help you edit your style and provide you with alternatives in structures, words, etc. So, if you feel that you can use other words that will help you make a stronger statement, Grammarly will give you synonyms that will strengthen your text.

4. Multiple platforms

You can use this app across different platforms so that your grammar is perfect when writing emails, resume, parts of your portfolio, and any other texts that may be seen by different firms.

5. Reduce time

It will help you sound more confident and professional in less time. We know that there are a lot of things that you have to do around this time, so any tool that will help you save a few minutes here and there, use it!



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