Very short month of days, and very intense of work. 28 days that have gone by very fast, or at least that’s how I have felt them. There is less time left to conclude this experience with Architect-US.

The Marvel office is a family and I feel like I’m part of it too. This month there have been several new additions to the team. New friendships and more after-hours activities together. I am going to miss these people.

First of all, I have barely had time this month to travel and even go to the beach. I went for the first time two days ago and learned my lesson. On the island you either wear factor 50 sunscreen or you end up like a shrimp. The reality is that I am trying to find more time to travel and take advantage of my stay in Puerto Rico.

Secondly, it has been a very rainy month, I have hardly been able to go out and travel. It was a bit annoying to have good weather during the week and then the weekend came and the storms came. Fortunately, it seems that from today it will start to get better weather and not rain so much. I will take the opportunity to go some weekend to the west.

I have been told about many beautiful places in the west. They say that the best beaches are there, with the best sunsets. It will be time to take advantage and spend a few days there.

On the other hand, at work the intensity increases and so do the responsibilities. I don’t want to end my relationship with Marvel and neither do they with me. In a few months my future in the company will be decided.

Finally, take as a rule for anyone coming to visit or live on the island: you need to have a car. Without a car you can’t move around. The city is not made for pedestrians and walking. The investment in public space is very scarce and is a pending issue to improve on the island. I hope it can be solved soon.

Gabriel Garcia-Cremades


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