2019 Whitney Biennial

The Whitney Biennial was introduced by the museum’s founder, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, in 1932 and made it into one of the most avant-garde long-running exhibitions in America’s History. The exhibition goal is to chart the ultimates developments in American art and the curators of this year’s exhibition are no exception. The 2019 Whitney’s Biennial features the work of 75 artists and collectives in several areas of expertise, such as painting, sculpture, film and video, sound design and photography.

What I found most interesting in this year’s exhibition was that all the works of art displayed are carefully picked by the curators. You can notice that all of them are a result of political and social concerns, as a reaction to today’s culture. You can also realize that they are based on the concept of self in a decadent society when they enhance the importance of time and emotional relationships. The whole exhibition is a compendium towards human beings aesthetic survival in a period where social media dictates the way we perceive the world that surrounds us. I found it to be very enlightening because you can find out in this package of pieces of art that the artists are starting to reject digital mediums in order to feel a deeper connection with their works.

I really think that these kinds of exhibitions are more and more important to be seen by nowadays artists such as architects because they open a discussion about the impact and meaning of our work to the evolution of society and how we can contribute to it. If you are reading this and you’re still in New York wondering what to do on a Saturday morning, go to the Whitney Museum of American Art. Even if you don’t find the Biennial so interesting as I do, the Museum by itself it’s such an amazing experience.

The new building was designed by Renzo Piano and has the most amazing terraces in New York. They are all linked by a staircase, which allows you to have a breathtaking view of the city and the Hudson River.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Sofia Melo

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