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What does sponsor mean and what is their function with the J-1?

At Architect-US we want to ensure that our participants -who enroll in our program or are just looking for J-1 Visa sponsorship – are able to get the right placement and all the help necessary throughout the visa issuance process and are given orientation for getting into the States. As your sponsor we also make sure that you have Accident and Sickness Insurance for the entire length of the program, and 24-hour emergency support during your stay in the U.S.. We know this process can be quite stressful because of all the documentation that is required, but our job is to make this process as easy and straightforward as we can. We provide you with guidance in every step of the way and make sure that you cover all the necessary stages that are needed to make this dream a reality. Our team is devoted to help you and to facilitate professional exchange, ultimately encouraging global dialogues and promoting cross-pollination among professionals from all over the world.

As it stands, The Exchange Visitor Visa or J-1 can only be issued via a designated sponsor, so you have to go through a program like us to enable the issuance of this visa. With the help of our sister company -ASSE- we have many regulations governing exchange visitor programs. That way we make sure that whichever company which you will begin working with, is up to the necessary standards that will give you the best experience possible. That means that if we find you an offer from a small firm which we’ve never worked with before in the past, we will conduct a site visit that covers matters such as working conditions, that you are presented with an English speaking environment so that you can practice and improve your skills, and that you are provided with a guided and structured learning program. Acting as the intermediary, covering all aspects from your end and the end of the Host Company.

We have managed to place participants from over 30 different nationalities in their dream Job in the States and we want to make sure that we continue doing so, not only in Architecture, but in other fields as well. We also want to make sure that all of the bureaucratic process is also done as quickly as possible, that means that after we have found you an offer and we’ve received the documentation from the Host Company, we can have you working in the U.S in a matter of only 30 days. That way, whenever a host company is looking for their next hire, we can guarantee them a speedy visa issuance process so that they can have any international working with them quicker and simpler than most of the options that are out there.



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