Urban axes

Urban axes: axe throwing sport

For one of our typical office dinners or nights out we chose this particularly interesting hobby/ sport to participate in we went to an Urban axes space.

Axe throwing is considered an actual sport and people compete all around the world in contests!
To get to try this unusual yet fun sport you need to book in advance, they make reservations for 12-20 people groups for 2:30 hours. The Urban axes place looks like a wood shop or warehouse where they have it divided by areas. You get your own team of instructors which teach you axe throwing techniques, organize the night and are also in charge of the security.
*As a side note, one of the most interesting things is that you are allowed and supposed to bring your own food and drinks. So you are basically drinking beer or wine while throwing axes, this is why they pay a lot of attention to security issues.
The night consisted of 1 hour of learning how to throw the axe inside an arena, where you have a circular target, with points marked. The goal is to aim the center of course, or as close as possible. After practicing , the tournament starts, competing for one next to each other by groups of two and eliminating by rounds the people with fewer points.
Definitely, if you go to an Urban axes place note it’s harder than it looks and frustrating not to get the axe anywhere near the center, but I guarantee anyone experiencing it will have a lot of fun!

Candela Otamendi


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