Liam Gallagher live at The Warfield 13/11/17

SF 2

What a night!

Liam Gallagher at The Warfield, his first tour of his first solo studio album since Oasis. Incredible night and a incredible venue!

San Francisco’s raw culture runs deep through the city, forming different smaller cultures and societies around the many various subjects spoke and listened to by the public.

Crowd: massively diverse, from old to young and across many cultures, something SF tends to have in abundance.

Music: Loud, new, old and interesting (I would advise anyone and everyone to see Liam Gallagher if you can).

Beer price: Horrendous, typical gig pint but what can you expect? Either way, it was AWESOME.

It just adds day on day. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, this is something that is completely new to me as a Brit. It kind of feels like a test run christmas dinner from what most Americans have told me about it, I am completely looking forward to it! Food = Good.

Matthew Gadie


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