Puerto Rico Runaway


If you feel like looking for adventure within the USA, like running away from the hustle and bustle of the city or just missing some nice weather and beach time, Puerto Rico is definitely your best destination.


Puerto Rico is an amazing island I strongly recommend everybody to visit. Despite not being especially big, it has a great variety of ecosystems within it from Caribbean beaches to Rainforest Mountains. You will find great urban life if you are a city person as well as amazing landscapes and countriside if you are nature lover. No matter what your preferences are, Puerto Rico covers them all.

One of the great advanatages of travelling to this Island is that since it is an free state of the USA you won’t have to deal with visa issues like when travel abroad. However, you will still feel like being somewhere else but the USA. Secondly, it is not that far away and therefore it is really affordable in terms of price and time to get there. On top of that, local people are the nicest people ever, so open and warm with visitors, especially with Spanish people. I just visited for 3 days and I surprisingly disconnected a lot from New York. In 3 days you will have time to cover the most important things, such as Old San Juan, el Yunque (well-known rainforest), spending time in the beach and enjoying nightlife as well. 

One of my favourite visits was taking a night tour to see the bioluminescence lagoon. This natural effect only happen in 5 places all around the world, and 3 of them are in Puerto Rico. You need to be lucky to be able to see it since it depends on the moon light and the weather but if you are it is undoubtedly a worth life experience.

In little time you will surely fall in love with this wonderful place but 3 days it won’t be enough to get to know it properly. That’s why I am determined to come back, no matter what!


Claudia Conde


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