Social life in New York

In the next post I am going to speak about the social life in NYC.


New York is one of the most dynamic cities in the world so the social life can be very entertaining and interesting. New York offers thousands of different plans for all ages and all kind of public like going to the cinema, beach, see a musical in Broadway, do picnic in Central Park, go out on party, do a cruise or travelling around the state … all of this is fine, but at the same time, although NYC is a highly populated city with a lot of international people, it is not very easy to find a group of friends as it could be in Spain.

In my experience, in three months I have met thousands of people, but it is difficult to make a group of friends with whom you meet every time during the weekends. Each weekend I use to do plans with different people, in different places … this is cool because you open yourself, socialize but also has its negative point which is that as Europeans we are used to being close to our friends and in this city it is difficult to make close friends. In general people are more independent, they are quite busy and they live in this town for a while so if you come to NY and want to enjoy this the city, the best idea is to lose the shame, be extroverted and open yourself for all proposals you like even you do not know the people.

Enjoy NYC!

Ignacio Ansorena


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