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New York Christmas Atmosphere
Cris di Noto

New York Christmas Atmosphere

On Christmas’s eve, my co-worker brought me to Dyker’s height, a neighborhood in Bay Ridge, lower Brooklyn region, to visit the happening’s annual neighborhood Christmas lighting decoration event. I was really impressed by the New York Christmas Atmosphere and the passion that New Yorkers have, the Christmas spirit and the New York Christmas Atmosphere of creating more cozy / marvelous impression of America’s festival to the next level.

Spent around 1 hours to walk through the entire neighborhood, overlooking at least more than 300 housing units with their impulsive lighting decoration, I’ve feel like entering a fairy tale’s kingdom with a warm heart. Had some street’s selling ice-cream (in the Winter) and hot chocolate is definitely very captivating the holiday season’s moment.

Would I re-visit the lovely neighborhood again next year ? Definitely YES ! Can’t imagine how lovely & amazing to live in that neighborhood every day, you can feel everywhere the New York Christmas Atmosphere.

Yi Jun Ooi

Intern at Marin ArchitectsNew York

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