How do I adjust my résumé to the American style?

You should consider removing the following elements from your resume in order to adapt it to the American style:

  1. Personal information such as marital status, identification number, your parents’ names, and your date of birth.
  2. Aggregate grades as many U.S. employers may not understand them.
  3. You shouldn’t include information such as marital  status, date of birth and identification number.
  4. You may want to draw attention to a topic or qualification, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t write in ALL capital letters – use capital letters only to begin proper nouns such as the companies’ names, countries and names.
  5. Keep your résumé tidy. If you want to use a table to organize information, make sure the lines are invisible. Otherwise, it can be distracting for the HR Managers.
  6. Don’t put references in your CV. You can either send them separately or upon request.



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