New York Job Opportunities for architects

We found the best job opportunities in New York for you!

Once you get the job we will be happy to sponsor your J-1 Visa through our J-1 Visa Program and help you and your Host Company with all the official paperwork related to make your American Dream come true.

Please take into consideration Architect-US recommendations where you’ll find guidance and tips that will multiply your chances of success. Do not hesitate to share our contact information if a potential employer ask for it during the interview!

Grimshaw Architects / Wednesday, March 3

Public Relations Manager 
Ennead Architects / Thurday, March 2

Model Shop Manager 
Richard Meier andd Partners Architects / Thurday, March 2

Intermediate Architect
INC Architecture and Design / Thurday, March 2

Junior Architect
INC Architecture and Design / Thurday, March 2



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