Don’t mix feet and inches!

Before you come to the US, and if you don´t have experience with it, try to learn the imperial system.

Here some advices that helped me.

  1. Learn conversions
    • 1 inch = 2.54 cm
    • 1 feet = 30,48 cm
  2. Just round it like:
    • 4 inch ~ 10 cm
    • 3 feed ~ 1 m
  3. Remember that: 1 feet = 12 inches
  4. Don´t use decimals they use fractions
  5. One example: 42 cm = 16 1/2″ or 1′4 1/2″ (rounded)

  6. Get a tape measure in inches and cm so you can get sence of sizes fast.
  7. Get a scale. It is very useful! You will find architecture and engineer scales. They are also expressed in fractions.
  8. You can type fractions in CAD programs. You don´t need to calculate them every time! 

In one week you will be feeling confortable with it! 




Luna Lopez


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