We help Architects live and work in the U.S.

Architect-US is the fastest and easiest way for international architects to find career opportunities in the United States without the hassle of job-hunting and visa bureaucracy (because we do it for you)!

How it works...

We help you find incredible job opportunities and then sort out your visa, too!


Register your interest in being part of the Architect-US program. You'll be invited to upload your CV and portfolio. Your personal Program Advisor will be with you every step of the way to guarantee your success. We'll even help you fine-tune your application so it appeals to American employers!

Accept job offer

Once approved, we'll start the job-hunting process for you. We'll arrange interviews with US companies and you choose the offer that's right for you. Once you've accepted an offer, it's time to get your visa sorted...

Visa approval

Let us take care of the bureaucracy for you and get your visa sorted within 30 days. All you have to do is fill out the required forms and attend a US embassy interview and before you know it, your passport will have a shiny new J1 visa and you'll be ready to start living your American dream!

Companies we work with...

Access our network of world-renowned companies ready to hire international candidates through Architect-US.

...and many more!

The Architect-US difference...

Stand out

Boost your future career prospects and help your CV stand out from the crowd with international experience in one of the world's most respected and competitive markets.

Earn good money

You deserve to be paid well for the work you do! We only facilitate paid positions, with remuneration based on your skills and experience, so you can afford the costs of living abroad.

Low-price visa

From just $850, Architect-US not only offers an affordable, competitive price, there are no surprises! We cover the cost of your visa application, health insurance and more.

Quick approval

We deal with complex visa bureaucracy, while you start packing! Once we've helped you find the job of your dreams, your visa will be approved in 4-6 weeks so you'll be on your way without the hassle.

Whatever your dreams, we can help your career take you there...

Making it in New York?

Seeing your name in lights in LA?

Watching the river run green in Chicago?

Sipping Mojitos in the Miami sunshine?

Riding across the Golden Gate in San Fran?​

A new world of opportunity awaits!

What our participants are saying...

“After many tries of looking for a career opportunity in the U.S., I can affirm that the easiest and fastest way to get a job and live your American Dream is through Architect-US”
Esteban Becerril
Trainee at SOM
“I remember last year I was kind of lost and desperate to find a good job. Architect-US arranged me interviews with several firms and in a few months I was starting at HOK, living my American Dream in the city that never sleeps!”
Claudia Conde
Intern at HOK
“The endorsement of Architect-US means everything in the selection process with the host company, transmitting responsibility and feasibility. Definitely, what makes the difference”
Lorena Galvao
Intern at IBI Group

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