Host Employers

Read about expectations American companies must meet in order to host an international, including their rights and obligations.
The most basic criteria is that the company should have at least 4 full-time employees (that are on the payroll) and be able to provide a Workers Compensation Policy.  If it has less than 25 full-time employees (or less than $3 Million in annual revenue), it will require a Site Visit. There is also a minimum ratio between full-time employees and number of J1 Visa participants. For more detailed information, read our article about the Eligibility Requirements for an American Company to Host a J1 ParticipantHowever, there are exceptions, so be sure to contact us directly at
This entirely depends on the position you have been offered at the company and its policies. This is something to discuss directly with the Host Company.
Unlike other J1 Visa Sponsors, Architect-US is a free service for the Host Company - so it does not have to pay any fees. This is to encourage American companies to hire internationals. The company must only provide a stipend (salary) for the participant as regulated by the Department of State.
No, American companies approved as Host Companies (allowed to take in a J1 Visa holder) are not legally obliged to offer their J1 Interns / Trainees paid leave - including vacation and sick time. Nonetheless, many companies do it, as they offer the J1 participant the same benefits as their full-time employees.
Yes, the Host Company may pay you a bonus - there is no regulation that prohibits it - but it is not required to do so. This is something to be discussed directly with the American company.
The J1 Visa Sponsor must conduct a Site Visit of Host Companies that have not previously participated successfully in the Sponsor's program and that have less than 25 employees and/or less than $3 million in revenue. The Site Visit is scheduled with the company once all the documents have been collected from either side (Host Company and J1 applicant) and aims to ensure the work environment is appropriate, the location area is safe and well-connected, that the office is equipped to take in an international, that the supervisor and/or team is able to provide adequate mentoring and training and other such important criteria to guarantee a successful and beneficial Internship / Training Program for the J1 visa applicant.
The process of verifying a U.S.-based company to become a Host Company is very simple and fast. Architect-US communicates with the Host Company directly to gather the documents and help with any doubts about them: 1. A valid Workers Compensation Policy / Certificate of Liability Insurance. 2. The Host Company Agreement (that we will send them to sign). 3. The DS-7002 Internship / Training Placement Plan (that we will send them to fill out). 4. Any supporting marketing material (company portfolio, brochures, articles, etc.)