Arriving In The U.S.

Figure out first steps for a well prepared arrival in the U.S.!

The process to receive the J1 Visa through Architect-US only takes 30 days from the moment we have all the required documents from both you and the Host Company. In this timeline are included all the necessary steps to starting your  Internship / Training Program in the USA - documentation validation, official documents issuance, Embassy appointment and getting the passport back stamped, as well as usually travel (depending on the J1 holder's plan). Architect-US guides you every step of the way to receive the J1 Visa.

In accordance with the official J1 Exchange Visitor Regulations, you are not permitted to enter the USA more than 14 days before your Program's official start date (as stated in your DS-2019).
J1 Visa holders must exit the U.S. within 30 days of the completion of their J1 Exchange Visitor Program. It is not recommended to travel outside of US (including Mexico and Canada) during this 30-day Grace Period as re-entry might not be granted (read more about it HERE).
Even though the Intern / Trainee can apply at the U.S. Embassy from any country in the world, it is usually recommended that the participant applies in their country of permanent residence because that is where they can show the strongest ties to the country and non-immigrant intent. So far Architect-US has not had a case of J1 Visa denial but it's always best to do everything as best as possible.