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Find out exactly what the Architect-US Programs offer and what you are paying for: Program fees, internship/trainee salaries and other requirements and benefits of Architect-US.
When entering our program, there are two different routes that you can take. One is the J1-Visa and the other is the Job+J1 Visa. The main differences between both programs is the “Job” part, and that means us being the ones that find you the placement. So basically, it depends on what it is that you are looking for. Do you want us to sponsor your Visa after you have already found a job opportunity in the States, or do you want us to present you with different job opportunities for you as well? There are candidates which already have an offer in the States and all they are looking for is the right Visa that will take them there in as short amount of time. Which we will gladly facilitate for them and the Host Company which is looking to add the participant to the team. On the other hand, there are participants which join the Job + J1 Visa Program as we will also find them the right intern or training opportunity for them. Putting our participants in the front steps of leaders in the Industry, and securing all the documentation that is required prior to the move. 1. Job With the Job+J1 we are constantly presenting you with new offers and offers from our partner companies that are looking to bring in somebody new to their team. We are continuously growing the number of companies that we are working with and we are able to put your CV and Portfolio in their sights. Making sure that they keep us updated on the reviewing process and the interviews. If you do not have an offer yet, this is probably the quickest way for you to find a job in the States! 2. Cost Both program fees make sure that they cover J-1 Visa application processing fees, issuance and shipping of the DS-2019 and acceptance packet, Accident and Sickness Insurance, the mandatory SEVIS Fee, Informative Dossier, 24 Hour Emergency support, and the English interview. The difference is in the added cost of the Job+J-1 Visa, and that is the 8% of the yearly salary that is offered by the American Company. 3. Communication During the duration of the Job+J1 program we are also in communication with the Host Company to make sure that the training plan that was set by the company is being followed and that you are provided with the adequate training experience that you were looking for. We also make sure that all the necessary communication that is needed is covered by our end, that way the participant does not have to be in constant check with the company for the documentation.
Here we give you the basic outline of the procedure from start, which begins with joining our Job+J1 Program and all the way to your departure to the States. During these steps members of the Architect-US team will be constantly following-up with prospective Host Companies and with you to make sure that you are updated in the process, and to reduce any hassles you may find along the way. The team will provide you with guidance throughout the entire process and will make sure that all of the steps required for the J-1 Visa Issuance process are made. That includes everything from the end of the Host Company and yours. Registration Complete your online registration by going to the Architect-US website and selecting between the J1 Visa Program and the Job+J1 Visa Program. You will have to fill out your information so that an email detailing the next steps is sent to you. Registration is open to any Architecture, Engineering or Design student, recent grads or professionals either enrolled in a Post Grad School or holding a Degree at the moment of application. Eligibility During this phase of the program you will be presented with exciting offers which fit the experience level and the conditions (position, location, duration, salary, etc.) which you are looking for. You will reply to those offers to let us know of your interest for each of the offer that we sent to you. For the offers that you have specified to us that you are interested, we will make sure to present your work to the company and keep you updated during the continuous conversations that we have with them. Once a company extends out an offer and a placement is confirmed, you (the participant) will have to pay the reminding program fees. Training Agreement From there we will take care of all the documentation that we need from the Host Company’s end and make sure that the Internship/Training Placement Plan (DS-7002) is completed and signed. During that time your Program Advisor will be guiding you with the necessary documentation needed, and help you with the steps that you need to make prior to scheduling your embassy interview. Once the Certificate of Eligibility DS-2019 is issued and shipped to your home to get your signature we will submit all of the documentation to the Department of State. Visa Approval Once the Embassy Interview is completed and your Visa has been approved, we will provide you with a pre-departure orientation to provide you with some help and useful information prior to your departure to the States. It will then just be a few days before your start in the States and making your American Dream come true.  
The Job+J1 Visa Program is especially targeted at ArchitectsResidential Architects, Commercial Architects, Interior Designers, Green Design Architects, Landscape Architects, Urban Designers, Industrial Architects and so on! Architect-US helps international architects to find an opportunity to gain professional experience in the U.S. based on their background, skills, interests and desired destination. Admission is subject to the Program's Excellency Standards. After that finding you the perfect position, Architect-US will also sponsor the J1 Visa, supply you with the necessary health insurance, and assist you and your Host Company with all the official paper work for the process. Apply NOW!
Architect-US facilitates the J1 Visa arrangements to internationals who have already found an internship or training position in the U.S. and have an offer letter from a Host Company. We will support your candidacy, sponsor your J1 Visa, supply you with the necessary health insurance, and assist you and your Host Company with all the official paperwork. Registration for the J1 Visa Program is open to any international studentsrecent grads, or young professionals (age 18 - 35) in the fields of:
  1. Hospitality 
  2. Tourism
  3. Business (and Management, Finance, Commerce)
  4. Marketing
  5. Accounting
  6. Public Administration and Law
  7. Engineering (and Sciences)
  8. Architecture 
  9. Mathematics
  10. Industrial Occupations
  11. Others
Contact us directly at for more information!
The Architect-US J1 Visa and Job+J1 Visa Programs are overseen by the U.S. Government Exchange J-1 Visitor Program under the Department of State's regulations. Following these rules, the maximum J1 Visa program length for a trainee is 18 months.
The Architect-US J1 Visa and Job+J1 Visa Programs are overseen by the U.S. Government Exchange J-1 Visitor Program under the Department of State's regulations. Following these rules, the maximum J1 Visa program length for an intern is 12 months.
You need to meet the following entry requirements: have an offer from a Host Company or be actively looking for a career opportunity in the US. If you meet these requirements you can register for the J1 Visa Program.
The basic criteria is - be an Architect (this specific Program is only for Architects, Designers, etc). For a greater chance of being accepted into the Job + J1 Visa Program, you should be able to meet the following entry requirements: strong design portfolio; outstanding graphic skills; knowledge of the main architectural software. If you meet these requirements you can register directly here.
Architect-US Program fees DO cover:
  • J1 Visa sponsorship
  • Application processing
  • Issuance and shipping of DS-2019 Form and acceptance pack
  • Accident and Sickness Insurance for entire Program with Global Benefits Group
  • Mandatory $180 SEVIS Fee
  • Online pre-departure orientation session
  • Informative dossier that covers opening a bank account, housing, social security number, taxes, etc
  • 24-hours emergency support for the duration of the program
  • English interview over the phone in case of lack of a Certificate of English level
  • To receive full Program Fees email us at
The Job+J1 Visa Program and the J1 Visa Program fees do NOT cover:
  • Host Company Site Visit Fee of $300 (when the American company has less than 25 full-time employees at the location where the J1 visa applicant would be interning / training)
  • DS-2019 Expedited Service of $900 (when required by the participant or Host Company)
  • Embassy Appointment Application Fee (usually $160) - as it has to be paid during the process of scheduling the appointment
  • Airfare tickets or any travel
  • Cost of living in the USA
  • To receive full Program Fee email us at
Once you have an offer from a Company, sign up for the J1 Visa Program and we will contact you to verify your eligibility for the program and to answer your questions. However, in order to initiate the official application process for the J1 Visa issuance, you must pay the full Program Fee. Register for free to receive information about the price. To receive full Program Fees email us at
Once admission to the Job+J1 Visa Program is granted (the Selection Committee reviews and approves your Portfolio and Resume), you must fill out your invoice information and then pay a $350 Initiation Fee in order for Architect-US to begin the search of your U.S. professional position. This fee will be discounted of the total amount of the Program cost once you accept an offer. To receive full Program Fees email us at
Yes. Architect-US is devoted to change the culture of opportunities in the U.S. and only accepts paid internships and waged training positions. Also by law, the minimum salary is $1300, but in the Job+J1 Visa Program, Architect-US helps you get you the best conditions.
Yes, of course. In the Job+J1 Visa Program, once a company likes you, they will make you an offer and it includes information about the salary. But even in the J1 Visa Program, we will assist your Host Company throughout the process of filling out the DS-7002 Internship / Training Placement Plan which will include all your Program Information: stipend (salary),  supervisor information, work hours per week, skills to develop, etc.
With the Job + J1 Visa Program we look for the perfect professional experience for you in a top company base in the U.S. (see an example extract of our opportunities HERE) and in the J1 Visa Program, you will have already gotten an offer from an American-based company and we just Sponsor your J1 Visa. Only architects can apply to the Job J1 Visa Program as that is the area of expertise of the Selection Committee. The J1 Visa Program is for everyone without limitations on the industry. Sign up for both Programs is FREE, so go ahead and register to receive more information.
Please contact us directly at to send you the refundable fees file. To receive full Program Fees email us as well at
Yes, of course. The participant can rely on Architect-US throughout their entire Internship / Training Program. At the beginning, you will be assigned a Personal Program Advisor that will guide you through the applications process and will reply to all your questions until you finish the whole Program. We make sure to help in all aspects, including providing an online Pre-Departure Orientation Session (covers important issues such as what to expect in the USA, how to open a bank account, how to apply for a Social Security number, etc.), including the new participants in a WhatsApp group in which to get support from other international J1s in the USA and helping the Intern / Trainee with filing tax returns through a Partnership with Also, all participants share their recommendations and advice on the Architect-US Blog.
Architect-US offers the most competitive price on the market while providing participants with a first-class fast-track service. However, should you need financial support, please contact your bank for affordable options? Keep in mind that the stipend you will be receiving from your Host Company during your J1 program with us will cover the costs in up to three months.