Job+J1 Visa Selection Process

Discover how Architect-US can help you further your career in the U.S.! Read about how we help you find the best opportunities in American firms and studios.
In order to stand out in the crowd and be accepted into the exclusive Architect-US Pool of Candidates you should include in your Portfolio: sufficient architectural drawings, 2D&3D drawings, no more than two images per project and page. The Portfolio and the Resumé must be in English and in separate PDF files without a photo. For improving your chances, please read through our Portfolio Recommendations and our CV Tips. Apply HERE and Good Luck!
Once you are accepted into the Pool of Candidates in the Job+J1 Visa Program, when you express interest in an offer Architect-US sends you, we recommend you to the company and if they decide to interview you, the call with the Host Company is conducted through Skype (usually) or any other conference call platform (according to the company). We recommend you have your CV and Portfolio open to reference and even better if you have an extended portfolio that you can show (by sharing your screen) if you are asked more about the projects.
The Initiation Fee of $350 after being accepted into the Job+J1 Visa Program (in which Architect-US helps talented architects to find opportunities in the USA) is not refundable, but it will be discounted from the full Program Fee once the candidate is selected by a Host Company and has accepted the offer.
By being accepted into the Job+J1 Visa Program and paying the Initiation Fee, the international Architect forms part of the Architect-US Pool of Candidates which gives you the right to be included in at least 3 Selection Processes (we always send you all offers that match your profile and interests) during 12 months. The opportunities we send are exclusive and although we sometimes post opportunities on our BLOG the priority is given only to our Pool of Candidates.
Architect-US has cases that have taken 10 days and others that have taken up to 3-6 months. Therefore, it depends on when American Companies are hiring, what profile they are looking for and your availability to start in the USA. We have a 100% success rate in finding the right opportunity for all our candidates.
The Selection Committee meets weekly to revise the CVs (Resumés) and Portfolios received during the last week. Therefore, the architects will receive feedback within 1 week of sending their application. For recommendations on how to improve your Portfolio, read here. Sign up for the Job+J1 Visa Program and you will be sent a personal link to upload the mentioned documents on.