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Draw from a global pool of highly-skilled talent with no long-term commitment, no fees for your company, and minimal paperwork

How it works...

Tell us about your hiring needs and we will find the perfect match for you…

Review Candidates

We provide you with relevant CVs and portfolios and conduct rigorous software assessments with potential candidates. You then have the opportunity to interview candidates of your choice.

job offer

Once you have found the superstar talent you were looking for, you provide them with a job offer. The J1 Visa allows for a term of between 6 to 18 months depending on the candidate's classification.

Visa approval

We cut through the red-tape and sponsor the candidate's visa, which means no lawyers. Fast turn-around means your new hire can join your team within 30 days. In comparison to the H1B or the O1 visa, the J1 visa provides you with access to international talent at no cost to you.

Companies we work with...

Over 180 outstanding US firms already trust us to find highly-qualified international talent...

...and many more!

The Architect-US difference...

Star performers

Our Selection Committee of architects and designers ensures a talent pool of star performers; only 10% of applicants make the cut! We also offer rigorous proficiency tests in your software packages of choice.

Fast turnaround

As a State Department recognized J1 Visa provider, we are able to get you a helping hand within 30 days. We also offer an expedited visa option which cuts that time in half to get you the talent you need, quickly.


The participant pays the costs associated with their visa, travel and relocation so you can access our pool of candidates at no cost to you (and with no commitment until you provide a job offer).

Run by Architects

Founded and run by an architect and with a selection committee of architects and designers with 10+ years of experience and an extensive knowledge of the US architectural industry; we recognize when a candidate has 'the eye'.

Access the world's best talent today!

The (architectural) world is your oyster...


Joel Petersen, Associate Director for HR at KPF, highlights that by minimizing costs, reducing the amount of paperwork, and streamlining logistics, Architect-US is able to give firms an edge when competing for highly-skilled international talent.
“You can't be a global practitioner without transfusion experiences between different cultures. Architect-US is great because it simplifies the process.”
Kenneth Drucker
Design Principal at HOK
“In other parts of the world, there are different issues of scale, urban design, and architectural technologies. Trading that information is a great opportunity for SOM, as both sides of this process can learn from each other.”
Mary beth lardaro
HR Director at Dattner Architects
“Creating a culture of communication between different countries allows us to create global experiences and global opportunities. We’ve already had one successful Architect from Spain and are ready to open our doors to other talents.”
Design Principal at FxCollaborative

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