How does S9 Architecture view job hopping when hiring new talent?

Join us for an incredible Hiring Process Chat Series with Human Resources representative for S9 Architecture, Farzana Ghanie, and our Founder and CEO Pati Garcia, who chat about a key red flag during the interview process.
A key red flag she mentions is when applicants are moving from firm to firm quite often, as they are looking for someone that spends at least 4 to 5 years at firms. They do provide the opportunity for the candidates to explain their reasoning and why they moved firms so often.
Learn from the industry leaders that are reviewing your application and gain insight into how they sift through the thousands of Portfolios and Applications at S9 Architecture! Find more insights about the red flags that Human Resources departments look for in applicants, even if you are a top talent! Beware of these red flags!
Find full access to the Hiring Process Chat with Farzana Ghanie who answers:

1.) What does S9 Architecture fundamentally look for in an applicants’ portfolio?

2.) What are the top three red flags that lead them to reject an applicant?

… and covers other Do’s and Don’ts you must know about hiring in the link below!

If you are interested in hearing the complete interview with S9 Architecture Human Resources, Farzana Ghanie, where he goes into detail about the aforementioned questions regarding creating top portfolios and what red flags to avoid, then click on the link below:

<<Find the full interview with Farzana Ghanie from S9 Architecture here>>

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