The best time of the year in NYC

It’s crazy how fast a month has already passed since I’ve moved to New York and what an amazing month to be in the city! You can feel the holidays wherever you go, everything is decorated and full of Christmas events.

Definitely one of the most beautiful places to be in December.

My favorite places in this season so far have been Bryant’s Park and the Rockefeller Center. In the first one, there is a Christmas market where I’ve tried the best hot chocolate and waffles of my life. The ice skating rink is the one I like the most among all the ones I have visited (which are a lot being in New York).

The Rockefeller center has a full decorated 79 foot tree brought from Maryland. From here you can walk through the famous 5th avenue where you can find the best decorated stores in the city. Saks and Cartier were my favorite! Union Square Holiday Market and Hudson Yards are also amazing places to visit on this season.

Let’s talk about the reason why I am here. First weeks at work has been challenging but full of learning. I am already sure that this will be one of the richest experience in my professional life. If I would have an advice at this point would be to learn about architecture technical words and the imperial system as much as you can before starting to work because that’s going to be your day-to-day language.

Everyone in the studio is very nice, they’ve been very patient and helpful. I love the multiculturalism going on, there is people from Poland, China, Argentina, Venezuela and, of course, the USA. Yesterday was our Christmas dinner party which was very fun; we ate, sang, had cocktails, played secret Santa and ended up going out of the restaurant at 2 am, so as you can tell we had a great time!

In general, my experience here so far has been amazing and I am already excited for what the future awaits.

Romina Revoredo


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