A few days from a dream

I am Romina, a Peruvian architect who is only a few days away from moving to New York to achieve one of my biggest dreams!

Last year, while I was working in my hometown, the idea of making a new move in my life started haunting my mind. I wanted to do something different and exciting with the career that I love. I started thinking about doing a master in Europe but I only had one year of professional experience and I truly wanted to keep working in the field before thinking about studying again…

The thought of working in another country was far away at that time, I’ve never thought it was possible to work in a foreign country as an architect, so I almost discarded it.

It was Sunday and I woke up again with these unstoppable thoughts to do something different, so I started searching online for a Master just to see what my options were, even when I knew it wasn’t the best move to do in my situation.

I was scrolling in a website from a University in Italy that caught my eye when an advertisement of Architect-us appeared. I looked at it with distrust, it was too good to be true. Anyway, I clicked on the advertisement and that was the moment when all this amazing adventure began.

In June I applied and was accepted by the Architect-us program and just two weeks after, I started having interviews with great firms. I received an offer just a month after my application. Unfortunately, the firm wasn’t aligned with my professional purposes, although it was such an amazing company. I continued having more interviews, always with the guidance of Architect-us. In August I received and accepted an offer from studioMDA! A firm in New York ruled by Markus Dochantschi, whom I deeply admire.

I know everything sounds perfect but I want to be as honest as possible. It will be an investment for your future, and by that I mean that it is not a cheap move economically. It is very important to be informed about all the program fees, visa payments, flight tickets, cost of living, salary expectations, etc. Having a clear picture will avoid unpleasant surprises in the process.

After I received the offer, it was time to start the procedure to obtain the J-1 visa and to have all the paperwork ready for the interview with the help of Architect-us and my sponsor. Unfortunately, because of COVID, the embassy appointments in my country were delayed, even when I asked for an emergency appointment.

Right now I am writing from Dominican Republic! The only way of having an appointment this month was coming here so, even it was a difficult decision because of all the extra cost, I decided to take the risk. It was worth it because I got my J-1 visa and I will start working just in a few days!

I am sure this will be an amazing experience. I will keep you updated about it!

Romina Revoredo


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