Nelligan White Architects Selected Projects

Nelligan White Architects joins us for the first time in the Featured Company series and they provide us with three selected projects that each showcase a different specialty they work on.

History and Culture of Nelligan White Architects

Nelligan White Architects is a New York City firm recognized for pioneering work in energy-conscious and sustainable design. This comprehensive practice of architecture includes new construction, master planning, and the reconstruction and adaptive re-use of historic structures. The firm’s projects range from the design of individual pieces of furniture to institutional projects over 1.2 million square feet. Over the last ten years, Nelligan White has designed and administered construction for projects totaling over a half billion dollars in value. Most of this work has been for educational, institutional and commercial clients.

Organized as a collaborative environment, all members of the team participate in design, technical work, and construction administration. Although the list of residential and commercial projects are extensive, a long-standing commitment to public and cultural work has remained a central part of the practice.

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The collaboration of Principals Bruce G. Nelligan and T. Michael White is based on the shared belief that good architecture should enhance the quality of life for the individuals and communities involved. Integral to this belief is the architect’s responsibility to incorporate environmentally sustainable solutions into every aspect of the design process. Educated as modernists, they believe independent research and an in-depth understanding of both modern and traditional building technologies can beneficially inform the contemporary architectural practice.

In their practice, Nelligan White has pioneered the use of twenty-first century techniques and materials in rebuilding and restoring important structures throughout New York City that would otherwise be lost. Their work, shaped by decades of research and historic reconstruction, demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of building performance and traditional uses of materials. This process involves careful and efficient responses to programmatic, urbanistic, and technical issues with continual participation from the principals throughout all phases of design and construction.

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As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

Nelligan White Selected Projects

The 14-story 189,000 square foot building will occupy what is now a NYCHA parking lot, and will house some 350-400 residents. The ground floor commercial space is geared toward community-benefitting uses including day care and a fresh grocer. In line with community input the mix and size of apartments is geared towards working families from the neighborhood. Apartments surround a south-facing common courtyard and a photovoltaic array will supplement electric needs. The Passive House standard may be applied and a cogeneration plant is being considered, as high performance goals are critical to success of this ambitious element in New York’s affordable housing equation.

Photos by Nelligan White

Carey Gardens

Though the building’s systems had survived previous storms, the Superstorm Sandy tidal surge caused unprecedented damage. The first-floor space of all three towers and the community center were inundated by several feet of water. Furthermore, the mechanical and electrical systems were significantly damaged as boilers and critical systems were permanently destroyed. The development is still served by temporary boilers and equipment several years after the event.

Nelligan White was hired to conduct a comprehensive renovation of the buildings including the addition of a new elevated boiler plant and utility system. A newly constructed and elevated community center will double as a command center during adverse events. Additionally, our team has been tasked with implementing further improvements to stormwater management, landscaping, security, and site lighting.

Photos by Nelligan White

IS 139 Bronx

After performing an extensive analysis to determine how best to achieve long-term energy cost savings, they built a model to replace the failing brick masonry façade and deteriorating single-glazed glass structure with a high-performance aluminum curtain wall and insulated glass system. With the implementation of this character-defining design, they were able to reinvigorate a neighborhood cornerstone. This project was substantially completed in January 2014.

Photos by Nelligan White

Do not forget that we will be posting more work by Nelligan White Architects in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more of their incredible work!! Every Friday we will be posting a new Featured Company, so join us again next week!

Nelligan White Architects

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