Sant Tomé Symphony Orchestra

Maria Urquiola is a Venezuelan Architect that is currently studying and working in Valencia. She is finishing her masters at Universidad Europea and working at Arcotectura. She has been interning there for just over 5 months now, and she is excited to continue her career in architecture, not only in Spain, but also over in the United States.

Sant Tomé Symphony Orchestra is the project that Maria submitted for her first Portfolio Challenge and it provides us with a look into how she would design and create a beautiful space for orchestra and music to be practiced and presented to the public. With each floor plan you see how each level of the structure would provide a variety of spaces for the community to collaborate and share ideas comfortably.

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Maria previously worked in Venezuela for PDVSA and she got the chance to work on her Bachelor Thesis via the company. She had to complete a study of problems and solutions and was in charge of creating the architectural design, research and conceptual diagrams, drawings, and perspective renderings. Built large scale study models and small scale presentation models as well.

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Images by Maria Urquiola

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