Hope Dental Center

Ashlon Frank, Sebastiano Baldan y Nazish Pathan join us to submit a project called Hope Dental Center, which all three architects contributed to during their time together at a firm. They are now providing us with a glimpse into their community driven design.

Ashlon Frank, Sebastiano Baldan y Nazish Pathan are providing us with a combined submission, considering all three of them contributed to this project during a professional experience. Hope Dental Center was a winning competition entry  at the Rwanda International Design Competition. All three have international experience and have applied their skills to all kinds of design challenges. This project was completed with Archicad, Autocad, 3dsMax, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop.

The project aims to provide not only the basic dental hygiene amenities and tools necessary, but there is also space dedicated to community organizing and collaboration, as well as a cafeteria, public space, and offices. So the project takes on many different aspects of community driven design.

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Ashlon Frank has a varied professional trajectory working in different cities and project typologies and has been training to think, design, execute in all scales, context and with all tools necessary. He started his professional experience with 5 years, in Mangalore, Goa, Bangalore, and then eventually made his way to Osaka and Kuwait. This international background has helped him become flexible to different working environments and work culture. Ashlon has been able to carry out the complete design process from early conceptual presentation to construction drawings, conducting client meetings and presentations.

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Images by Ashlon Frank, Sebastiano Baldan y Nazish Pathan

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