How a J1 Visa Architect persevered through a Pandemic 2 months after arriving in California

Arturo Del Amo joins us for the first time for an Interview Series episode with Pati Garcia, where they talk about his career so far and how he has been able to be pro-active and prepare for changes in his life and professional career. Find out more by listening to the interview!

In the beginning of the interview Arturo Del Amo started talking about the experience of moving and traveling all over the world from Spain to France to Taiwan to Thailand. All of these different experiences of interacting with different cultures has allowed for Arturo to improve and change his eye for design over time.

Once Arturo made it over to HMC Architects he got the opportunity to prove his multicultural awareness by being posted to a project focused on providing schools for the Chinese diaspora in Sacramento. A project that he was best suited for since he studied design and was part of different educational projects in Taiwan, as well as in Thailand.

In Asia their design process is to work backwards, start with small scale and work up to large, in order to make sure that the design is focused on the human, and not just the final product.

Arturo, just like many others during the Pandemic, had to find a new job after being laid off by HMC Architects in the middle of this year. Yet he was able to push forward and found a firm that is solely focused on Educational buildings, Rainworth Grau Architects. He is very excited for these new beginnings, and you can learn more by listening to the interview with Pati Garcia.

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