Hello everyone my name is Arturo. I am from Madrid and thanks to Architect-Us I live now in Sacramento, California. I am a fresh graduate as I have just finished my Master in Architecture about half a year.

It’s been a few days since I have arrived to Sacramento, California.  And I cannot say a single thing I didn’t like about the experience, I will just tell you then how my first days were I how I felt during this first two weeks.

When I first arrived to Sacramento it was late night, I had a really long flight from Madrid… I have to say that I didn’t knew anything about the city at first, and it was also my first time in the west coast of the US.

The city looked great at night, my American experience was just about to start and I was actually so nervous that I did not sleep in whole night. How could I find an apartment?, what areas will be good to live in?,  Will I like my work ? and how I my experience will be in an American company?, those were the questions that crossed my mind all night long.

All those questions started to be answered in the next few days. As soon as the light came inside of my Hotel room, I started to look first for a prepaid mobile phone contract, so I went downtown to find a store and from there get some internet in my smartphone. Finding an apartment became my first priority, because I started working in a week from that time, and I wanted to have everything solved by then. My first day in the city was a Sunday, so rental companies were closed that day, then I decided to go for some open house days to see two apartments and then expend the rest of the day visiting the city, to get an idea of it, and see where will be the best area for me to live in. It is fair to say that my boss from HMC sent me a review of all nice areas to live in just a week before arriving to the states, so I had a first idea of what areas where good to live in and near from the office.

I found an apartment sooner than expected, so by the 3rd day I was already approved for the apartment I wanted in Midtown Sacramento. Then it was time to get the apartment ready to live in, open a bank account, get my SSN and all the things you have to do when you move to a different country.

Once everything was done, I had two days to rent a bike, and go all over the city getting to know it a little bit more . Sacramento it’s a great size city to live in, you can actually go by bike to every spot of it, It is not a very expensive US city and its only two hours drive from exiting San Francisco.

It was already Monday, I had to go to work. I remember I was not nervous at all, but curious of how the company will be. First day was a little crazy, I had to many paperwork from the company to do, and a new way of working to get used to, but people were really comprehensive and nice to me, they helped me with every question I had and even they all prepared a nice welcome lunch outside the office to welcome me!

They had everything ready, an email address, a computer ,a nice desk with 3 screens, my business cards…

Now it is my 3rd of work, I still come everyday by bike and I am still getting used to many things like working in feet and inches, or getting to know new software used by the company, but they are still teaching me how everything’s done over here, its gonna take some time for me to learn all these new things, but with their patience and my willing to learn, I hope It doesn’t take to much time.

Thanks for reading this.

I’ll come with more news in the next post.

Arturo R. 

Arturo Rodríguez

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