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Behind the Scenes: A look at OMA NY through Gonzalo’s Eyes

Our Interview Series this week, will be our last episode for the year, and we thought that Gonzalo Samaniego Gonzalez as our last guest would be a splendid way to finish off this year! Gonzalo has been working at OMA since January 2020, and he has agreed to share his story with us.

We are excited for another episode of Architect-US Interview Series on Wednesday, December 23rd at 12 PM EST (🗽 time) on our Instagram LIVE and/or our YouTube CHANNEL. Our CEO Patricia Garcia will guide us through the interview with Gonzalo, an incredibly talented Architect that has worked on projects in Armenia to Public Spaces in New York City with OMA.

The interview will be live on Architect-US Instagram on Wednesday, December 23rd at 12 PM EST (🗽 time) We’ll be also streaming live from all our channels: Facebook | LinkedIn | Youtube | Instagram


Our CEO Patricia Garcia Chimeno will guide us through the interview with Gonzalo, and cover topics ranging from his Academic experience in Holland to his current work at OMA NYC to his love for 3D Rendering.

Our CEO Patricia Garcia Chimeno will go over some other topics such as:

✅ Experience OMA NY in and out’s via a J1 Visa holder

✅ Dive into the world of OMA NYC through a J1 Visa holder

Understand the design language and the multi-disciplinary methods OMA uses

✅ Influence of Post-Soviet architecture on Gonzalo’s design style

✅ Find out about his experimental theater project in Armenia for his Masters in Public Building

Gonzalo started working at OMA via an Architect-US JOB+J1 Visa Experience at the beginning of this year. So far he has been loving it and looks forward to sharing his experiences and career trajectory with you.

What would you like to ask Gonzalo about? Please let us know below if you have any questions you would like to ask him!👇👇👇



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