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Summertrip to Lake Tahoe

Well after most of the summer at home, being careful because of COVID19 and the fires that struggled the whole California state,  we needed some days out of the city to relax and enjoy a little bit the heat and the nature. Going to another city or catching a plane was not an option at this moment, it is really important to be as responsible as possible, that is why we decided that my friends and I needed a place that we could travel by car, and also that was not in a crowded city. After looking many places to go, we decided to go to North Lake Tahoe, a nice, quiet and not very crowded place to stay, where we could rent a house for the 10 of us, and stay there a whole weekend and spend some time surrounded by nature.

We went there on a Friday afternoon after work hours, as I don’t have a car a friend came to pick me up, my dog was also coming so I was really happy. The route was not very long, probably about an hour and fifty minutes away from Midtown Sacramento. It was a pretty nice road and we stopped several times to enjoy that beautiful landscapes that California has, it finally took us much longer than expected because of that. Some of our friends were already at the house since that morning so we were not in a hurry. Sometimes during that ride we also came across pretty bad smoke areas, that you could even feel the heat from the fire, but apart from that the road was pretty well preserved and comfortable.

When we arrived there, our friends where already preparing a nice Mexican dinner, which was delicious, and after that we had a walk just before the light went away, so we had a little time to explore that magnificent forest that surrounds the whole are of north lake Tahoe. The next day started with us going to the lake and enjoying the beach of the lake with my dog, he had lots of fun, he enjoyed the water so much. That same day we went to have lunch to the town, I was surprised by the small size of it, and I was totally not expecting to see casinos and a lot of restaurants around. It was full of young people and families specially in the California side of the town, as the other area of the city belong to the state of Nevada.

The rest of the day we spend it is the yard that our rented house had, enjoying being outdoors in the terrace admiring those magnificent trees and playing card games, table games, etc. At night we decided to do a BBQ which was my first American BBQ, a moment I was waiting for during the whole summer. It was great, and we had an amazing time. I was very amazed by the environment around the Lake, it looked so American to me. I never had such a countryside experience before, and I really enjoy it. The trip ended on Sunday, and we went back to Sacramento, we didn’t want to leave but the house owner told us we could not stay longer, so sadly we returned to our homes.

It was a weekend I’ll always remember and for sure I’ll return to Lake Tahoe to see a different area and enjoy a little bit more of the amazing nature you can see there, but for sure I’ll try camping the next time to enjoy nature a lot more.

Arturo Rodríguez


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