The Portfolio Challenge Winner For June is……

Who is the winner for the first month of the Architect-US Portfolio Exposition!? Find out and learn about all the other incredible projects that were posted on all of our platforms this month!

As we arrive to the end of June, we are finishing our first month of the Architect-US Portfolio Challenge, which aims to spotlight the beautiful work of our exceptional talent here at Architect-USWe have posted the work of 13 different artists during this month across all of our platforms, but in order to win the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month, the talent’s work must have garnered the most likes on Instagram. So without further a do… the winner for the month of June is…. Victoria Fedorova !!!! Fedorova‘s submitted project, Gone with the Wave, got 106 likes on Instagram over the month of June!

Fedorova studied industrial architecture at Moscow Architecture institute for her Bachelors degree, and is now enrolled at IAAC university for her Masters degree. Gone with the Wave, the project that Fedorova submitted was shortlisted for the Tamayouz Excellence Award. Fedorova aimed to redesign a former landfill in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, which features a sports complex, educational facility and provision of working places.

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If you are interested in seeing the beautiful project that Fedorova created, then please scroll down to the bottom to find the varying design schemes and layouts.

Thank you to all of the other architects and designers that submitted their work and were presented on our platforms during the month of June! We want to give all of them a shout out and highlight their projects! 🙂

In second place we have a tie with 94 likes on Instagram. The two architects who will be sharing second place are Guillermo Fernandez Villar‘s  Albeniz Theater and Alberto Lozano Duran‘s Bahnhofsquartier OpladenFernandez Villar worked under Izaskun Chinchilla‘s supervision at San Pablo CEU University, Villar was able to win the Honorable Mention from EPS San Pablo CEU. Lozano Duran studied Architecture at ETSAM and then went to start his professional career in Germany at kadawittfeldarchitektur. Duran is currently working at HMC Architects  in Solana Beach, California, while living his American Dream.

In third place with 87 likes on Instagram was Diana Ghervas Student Huba final project for her 3-rd year at the University of Architecture and Urbanism ‘Ion Mincu’ in Bucharest, aimed to create a variety of spaces that fuse collaborative areas with areas for privacy. She is now trying to make her way to the USA for a career changing experience.

In fourth place with 82 likes on Instagram was Bianca Dobru’s Urban Development in Bangalore, a project that she contributed to while working with UNStudio. Bangalore is fast becoming the Silicon Valley of South Asia, and thus is in need of pro-active and practical urban development plans. Karle Town Centre (KTC), is being created with new data input technology.

In fifth place with 70 likes on Instagram was Cristian Daniel Cordova Molina‘s Redefining Transportation Hubs, where he sought to provide a traffic and congestion solution for Cuenca, Ecuador. Molina aimed to relocate the bus station of Cuenca in two areas of the city, one north and one south. Molina is currently working at MVMK Architecture in Hoboken, NJ.

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In sixth place with 69 likes on Instagram was Einat Lubliner‘s Urban Development and the Need for Parks. Lubliner created this project as an academic project in her final year studying Architecture at The Technical University of Tel Aviv. Lubliner focused on targeting the conflict between the urban development process on the one hand and the necessity for the existence of city green lungs on the other.

In seventh place with 63 likes on Instagram was Artur Machmutov‘s  Manarda-51, which is a plan to create further accommodations that are dictated by the need of the population of western Siberia to have a healthy nutrition source nearby. Machmutov created this beautiful plan for a sustainable accommodation for his Final Thesis work to receive his Master of Architecture at KSUAE.

In eighth place with 58 likes on Instagram was Alvaro Follana’s Public Baths for the City of Madrid who created this project for his final thesis in his Master’s Architecture program at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. He was awarded the second best note of the call for his work.

In ninth place with 53 likes on Instagram was Mujung Ryan Chiu, who is now working in Chicago with Wheeler Kearns Architects. Chiu worked on Paving the Palimpsest and submitted this great work to the Paris Affordable Housing Competition. The competition that Chiu was part of “…seeks unique ideas for cities around the world facing housing shortages, and the corresponding exacerbation of social and economic imbalances.”

In tenth place with 51 likes on Instagram was Alicia Palacios Polytopies (P.L.U.G), which she created for her final thesis project at the School of Architecture in the University of Malaga. The main goal was to design a city model of ephemeral, mobile and changing in time and space through activities nodes connected to areas of temporary demand. Palacios will be joining Karim Rashid this year!

In eleventh place with 47 likes on Instagram was Ellina Poltavtseva‘s Bathhouse, which was created as an academic project in her final year studying Architecture at Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy). The building consists of straight perimeter and sculptural “stuffing” of public baths. All spaces of public baths are unique sculptures each of them create exclusive emotional experiences.

Great job to everyone who was posted in June and good luck to those posted in July! Please check back in at the end of July for the winner of the month, and to see a recap of all of the great works we put up on all of our platforms! 🙂

Which project was your favorite for this month? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Victoria Fedorova

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