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Landing that dream job in New York before arriving – How?

Like many of us, we were surrounded by images and stories told in the Big Apple – From our favorite tv shows to those iconic Christmas Movies. It has been a dream to work in New York City since I can remember, to be immersed with the melting-pot of culture, food, people, fashion and of course Architecture and Design.

Sounds amazing, but how do I get a job?

That’s a question that I asked myself for a long time. It’s a daunting prospect to be able to search for a job on the other side of the globe without any connections or leverage to build off, nor would I want to go over without having a job secured.

I did a lot of searching and even attempted to applying for firms online, though that was a sure dead-end. I didn’t think it was going to be possible until I found Architect-US. They have a great program for J1 Visa seekers called JOB +J1-VISA available for anyone seeking an architecture job and J1 Visa placement in the USA.

I managed to get three job offers from this process; one each from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. I ultimately chose Palette Architecture in Greenwich Village, New York City. Not only was I able to land a job but I was now choosing from three great firms in the USA.

Quick Tip – even if you are not ready to move still apply and enter the program, the process takes time and always longer than expected, so being in the program earlier is best so you get as much exposure to US firms as you can. 

Architect-US makes the whole process simplified and manages to find the perfect fit for all their candidates and architectural and design firms. It really is a great way to get yourself in the door and gain that valuable experience overseas.

I’m now about to start my journey in New York next week and hope to share insights in the process of getting that dream job.

Jeremy Wooldridge
Brisbane, Australia

Jeremy Wooldridge

Intern at Palette ArchitectureNew York

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