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Understanding the wages of architects in New York

New York city, America’s most populated and diverse city and perhaps the favorite among J1 Visa applicants. Given that it is in such demand, we thought it might be good to dive into the compensation that you can expect as an architect while living there.  New York is perhaps one of the world’s epicenters for the construction and architecture profession and an exciting destination for your j1 Visa Program. So, if your aim is to work in the city it is a good idea that you understand the figures that you can expect to earn and how that applies to your negotiation and living situation once you have already started in a company. By taking a look at survey data from The Architecture Salary Poll, on average, you can expect to earn somewhere around $60,000 a year. Making it one of the highest paid cities in the U.S. after Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, it will vary from firm to firm and most importantly- your experience level. You also have to take into account things like the income that you can expect to earn contrasted with how much you can expect to pay for housing. If your plan is to find housing in Manhattan -one of the most centric and expensive neighborhoods -you will have to pay around $2,700 for a studio apartment. That is $32,400 out of your income and could account for three-quarters of what you earn on that year. So, make sure that you do proper research when looking for an apartment in the city.

Another aspect to note on this regard, is that highly specialized professionals benefit from a higher income. That means that if you find a market in which you can focus within the industry you might earn more. That is usually because architects which specialize in one specific sector tend to have more experience in the field. Allowing them to charge more from particular contractors or developments. So if there is something that you can take from this is that in order for you to earn more from a highly competitive industry is that you have to do everything that you can so that you play a more significant role in the company that you aspire to work in. That is why architects which work in sectors such as industrial, historic, and transportation can expect to have higher wages than those in more general sectors. Use platforms such as AIA Career Center, Archinect, Indeed, and other to look for the job which best suit your capabilities and desires as an architect. You can also take a look at our Weekly Openings which is a compiled list from many different sources of job openings in New York and other cities in the Unites States.


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