J1 Visa Program will help you stay longer in the US
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5 ways the J1 Visa Program will help you stay longer in the US

Architect-US‘ J1 Visa Program will help you stay longer in the US, the J1 Visa Program is an ideal package for you to prove your worth to top American architecture firms and for them to offer you the sponsorship of the visa. We will provide you with all the tools and resources that you will need and find the right placement for you. In a short amount of time you will be able to be part of a dynamic professional team and introduce your perspective and cultural insights into the American work environment. With the training that you will get from this program, you will be able to add American work experience to your resume and be a valuable candidate for future opportunities in the States.

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These are the 5 ways the J1 Visa Program will help you stay longer in the US:

1. Experience

When applying from abroad it can be very difficult for a Company to review your profile, and sometimes the process itself may be avoided by some. Another issue is that every country has different laws and regulations in construction and participating in the J1 Visa Program will give you the opportunity to learn the different techniques and methodologies of the American practice. Giving you the experience that a lot of companies want you to have before committing to a long-term contract with you.

2. Sponsorship from the Company

When you have the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities to the firm you are working in they are more likely to commit to paying your work visa fees later in the future.

3. Daily routines

Depending on which city you are coming from, it’s likely that you’ve never experienced the fast-paced style of living in the States. So using this experience to get used to how the American system works, you will be more prepared for your next endeavor.

4. Language

By living for a long period of time in the U.S and being exposed to English on a daily basis, your English will improve drastically. Companies in the U.S are looking for candidates that are proficient in English and the J1 Visa Program will enable to bring your English to the standards which they are looking for.

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5. Network

This opportunity will offer you a unique experience that will boost your professional career in the U.S. and help you develop priceless contacts along the way. It is through these contacts and their endorsement that you will be able to land the next big thing!




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