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I am writing this while I am finishing my baggage. I fly tomorrow to NY! This is an 18 months incredible opportunity as a trainee living in a powerful and full of life city. Thanks to ArchitectUS I will start this American dream!

In the first week of January, I received an offer from MQarchitecture. After the interview, we started to wonder how to complete all the documents for the Visa. At that moment appeared ArchitectUS. They care about everything. From the very beginning, they gave me an overall view of all the steps. Finally, I was calm and confident. Yesterday I received my passport with the visa printed on it. I am ready! Everything is super simple, you upload all the documents they ask, then you only have to wait until your DS2019 arrives from the US. Meanwhile, you ask for an appointment at the US embassy, you do the interview and if everything goes fine, you get your visa 4 or 5 days later!

The main reason I am very interested and excited about this program is that American management methods in the development of an architectural project are so different as we have here in Spain or Europe. I would like to understand and expand my vision in the field of architecture, from the schematic to the construction documents. This knowledge is pretty interesting to amply in my future career. I’ll improve my English having the opportunity to be completely professional proficiency and I cannot wait to participate in all the cultural activities as I can to live the American way of life.

I could not imagine in the first moment how difficult was to prepare all the documents if you do it alone. ArchitectUS had an important and essential role in all the Visa, helping and orientating in all the phases, anticipating all the steps and making you comfortable with all this new situation.

Let’s explore NYC! 🗽

Juan Carlos Bragado

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