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New year’s eve in San Francisco!!!

Hello everyone!!!

It has been already two months here, and I can’t believe how happy I am here… I am already stablished both at work and into the daily life of Sacramento. This month has passed really fast. I had met new people I can call friends.

My family came to visit me for Christmas and I had the opportunity of showing them the city, which they loved. Everything was really beautiful during Christmas time, lights everywhere and a lot of people in the city. I honestly love this time of the year!!! We had the chance to visit many places around the town as my company was closed for the holidays, so I could spend a lot of time with them.

For new years we went to San Francisco, It is really near Sacramento, we rented a car to go to the city and it took us about 2 hours to get there. I didn’t realize it was so near… Now that I know how to get there I will go again for sure!!!

San Francisco is amazing city, we arrived the night of the 29th, we got impressed by the lights and the city nightlife… We visited everything around the city, there is a lot to see in San Francisco, it is one of those American cities as NYC that never sleeps. We loved everything there, restaurants, people, buildings, and of course the Golden Gate. We could cross the golden bridge walking to feel this vibrations that everyone talks about, and I have to say it is completely true!!! The bridge vibrates a lot !!

We also visited some other spots as the Lombard Street, which is surprisingly sloped, It was crazy to drive the car to get down that slope… The Chinese neighborhood and Little Italy where also really cool, and similar to what you can find in New York City. We also went to Castro street, and we felt in love with this neighborhood . The Fisherman’s Wharf was full of life at nighttime, and we had dinner a couple times around that area, that has great seafood restaurants, which we really enjoyed. I totally recommend that!!

After a few days the 31st of December arrived, the last day of the decade, this day is even more special in my family as it is my mother’s birthday, I was so happy to have the chance of spending that day with her. We spent a great day around the city and night arrived, it was the city to put the suit on, and go dinner downtown San Francisco. We went to a very fancy restaurant and we had a great time while waiting for the New Year to come. When the hour arrived we went to Embarcadero area to see the Fireworks, that was a really cool experience, a lot of people celebrating new years on the street waiting all together for the new year to come… Everybody should experience that once in their lives.

After those days it was time to get back to Sacramento, and it was also time to say goodbye to my brothers, as they had to leave on the 1st of January. My parents stayed a little bit longer until the 4th of January, so it was really nice to spend a few more days with them before getting back to work. Goodbyes were not a easy thing to do, but once they leaved I felt really happy. I was creating a new life here and I was opening myself to a whole new world of possibilities…

Work started again, and new projects came with this new year, I am able now to do more things at work, I am nearly used to new units, and the a new code. I am working in the education are of the studio, two brand new schools came to the studio, as well as a university, so now I can say I am learning a lot everyday of my workmates, how they work, their different ways of approaching to a new design… I got involved in both projects the first week, and I feel that my opinion it’s heard which is great. I don’t really know how other American companies work, but I am thankful for mine, as we have a great working environment, the chance to learn everyday, and a lot of freedom in design and in your way of working, and that it’s something that you don’t see that often in architecture studios, as some design principals do not work that way. I had the chance to visit some of the construction sites of these amazing buildings that are under construction and I was impressed by the size of those… Huge buildings with a completely different scale of what I was doing in spain. Now I cannot wait to see my ideas come to life !!

I hope to start having more confidence in myself, as it is my second month in the company, and start being more independent in work issues, but if I look back I can say that these two months I have learned a lot of new things and not only from work.

Now I am willing to visit more places around USA and live new experiences, like visiting Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, etc.

You will hear more from me soon

See you next month

Arturo Rodríguez

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