Hey! It’s been a month since my last post !! I Cannot believe it!!…

These first weeks have been quite crazy, I am really happy here in Sacramento, I was pleased that I’ve met some really nice people in the city thanks to Meetup, that app works really well if you want to start meeting people in the city, and I was really lucky with the group I went to. That helped me a lot after feeling quite lonely for the first two weeks.

My workmates are amazing but I have no-one my age in the office, that makes things a little difficult to stablish a friendship relationship, but even thought they are really nice to me and they are helping me a lot in everything. For example, I usually bike to the office every morning but rainy days came last week to sac, so two of my workmates called me in the morning to pick me up so I didn’t have to get a Uber, as I still do not have a car. Another guy from the office, invited me to his house for thanksgiving, he was having a family dinner and I didn’t wanted to bother him in this king of familiar celebrations, but I am really happy I finally went to his dinner. His family was amazingly welcoming and made me feel like home. FOOD WAS AMAZING!!! It was the first thanksgiving I have ever had in my life, and It was better than expected.

We also had our holiday dinner in the company. I could met the CEO of HMC, he was really nice to me and the came to say hi. He works in the Ontario office and he came for our holiday dinner. The Holiday dinner of HMC was really familiar, everybody came with their patterns and their children, I could met everybody and as I was the new one this year everybody wanted to talk to me, it was a great moment. We had sushi buffet so after dinner and wine, we did White Elephant !! I was also new in that game and it lots of fun!!! I got an Alexa Echo as a present so It’s perfect for my new little apartment.

Works is getting better, I had a lot of training this first month, mostly the whole month I was included in training sessions of different tools like REVIT, GRASSHOPER ,LADYBUG , INSIGHT, ADVANCED RHINO TOOLS, etc

And finally by the end of last week I was included in a project, I still do not have a lot of responsibility on it, but I have improved so much my skills this month that I will jump with more responsibility after January.

Christmas is coming and I feel happy that I am creating a new life here, I am used to the city, getting used to work and I’ve met people I hope soon I can call friends.

Talk to you soon !!

Arturo R.

Arturo Rodríguez

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