California was open just for a few weeks

Today I’m going to talk about how the reopening of everything in the city has been here in Sacramento, California. I was so exited to see everything opening again but also a little bit afraid, even if COVID-19 have not been a huge issue here in Sacramento. We are not back to the office yet. It is good to be home working, but I am looking forward to go to the office right now, it has been enough time homeworking and spending time on videocalls and alone at home. Restaurants are open again so this first weekend I was very happy to go again to bars and restaurants. At that moment I did not knew that bars were only going to be open for a week, enough to arrive to 4rth of July.

We decided that was the best weekend to go to Lake Tahoe, I had lots of fun there with my friends, nature there is amazing, the lake was huge and so beautiful, I had never seen in my life a lake of that size. We spent the weekend in a nice rental house by the water. It was one of the best weekends since I got to California, we also went to American River that Sunday and did some kayaking, it was so quiet far from the sound of the city and not crowded at all. That was our main point to go there for the 4rth of July, we were afraid that everything was going to be crowded, so we decided to spend our day there, just the five of us, eating and relaxing by the river. I totally recommend this plans, California has a lot of parks and awesome places to go camping and get in touch with nature, and that kind of activities and travels I would probably never had done then without the COVID-19 being so present this year, so this was a good thing.

After that weekend, I saw how everything was turning again into a lockdown little by little, first bars and interior activities were closed again, and after that everything was closed again. Now we are dealing again with the pandemic in it’s highest level and try to stay home and safe as much as possible.

About work I have to say that I feel an enormous privilege to be in HMC, the amount of effort that the company is doing to keep us safe, and keep us learning everyday is admirable. I have to thank each and every individual in HMC that helped me all the way, I can say I have real friends in the company and they get involved in your problems and always try to help you. At the moment we still have a lot of work at least in our Sacramento office, so I am still working and learning everyday which is a really good thing to say in this times.

I am gratefull for all that is happening to me this year, even with all that is happening around the world I have to say that it is an amazing year.

See you next time!

Arturo Rodríguez


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