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The 3 main differences between Architect-US J-1 Visa and Job+J1 Visa

When entering our program, there are two different routes that you can take. One is the J1-Visa and the other is the Job+J1 Visa. The main differences between both programs is the “Job” part, and that means us being the ones that find you the placement. So basically, it depends on what it is that you are looking for. Do you want us to sponsor your Visa after you have already found a job opportunity in the States, or do you want us to present you with different job opportunities for you as well? There are candidates which already have an offer in the States and all they are looking for is the right Visa that will take them there in as short amount of time. Which we will gladly facilitate for them and the Host Company which is looking to add the participant to the team. On the other hand, there are participants which join the Job + J1 Visa Program as we will also find them the right intern or training opportunity for them. Putting our participants in the front steps of leaders in the Industry, and securing all the documentation that is required prior to the move.

1. Job

With the Job+J1 we are constantly presenting you with new offers and offers from our partner companies that are looking to bring in somebody new to their team. We are continuously growing the number of companies that we are working with and we are able to put your CV and Portfolio in their sights. Making sure that they keep us updated on the reviewing process and the interviews. If you do not have an offer yet, this is probably the quickest way for you to find a job in the States!

2. Cost

Both program fees make sure that they cover J-1 Visa application processing fees, issuance and shipping of the DS-2019 and acceptance packet, Accident and Sickness Insurance, the mandatory SEVIS Fee, Informative Dossier, 24 Hour Emergency support, and the English interview. The difference is in the added cost of the Job+J-1 Visa, and that is the 8% of the yearly salary that is offered by the American Company.

3. Communication

During the duration of the Job+J1 program we are also in communication with the Host Company to make sure that the training plan that was set by the company is being followed and that you are provided with the adequate training experience that you were looking for. We also make sure that all the necessary communication that is needed is covered by our end, that way the participant does not have to be in constant check with the company for the documentation.



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