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Kansas City for next six months! New year’s Eve in NYC

Hi everyone,

The lights in the city was so mesmerizing that it made my soul light up. The fireworks at the backdrop of the Newyork city skyline looks like the symphony of blinking lights. And I shared all this with my closest friends. Happy, excited and all set to step in 2019!

To all those who are on my blog right now, my name is Kuhoo Patel. I am a fourth year architecture student, studying at Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I had always thought of experiencing a life where I take responsibility for myself. Having come from Indian family, we are still dependent on our family. Hence it was very important for me to live a life of my own, where I earn, I set my own house, make myself meals and do all my work by myself.

I was fortunate to get into a firm B + A architecture, Kansas City. Dennis, the founder of the company was very kind and helpful. I have introduced myself to Architect US. And my Adviser Patricia guided me in very step. She was very understanding and patient. The process is very simple, and mentioned on the website. It is very important that you keep all the documents that you have used till the end. You must organize them properly. I would suggest to keep softcopy of all your documents.

They made the entire process so simple. You need to have full faith in yourself and them; and all good will happen to you soon.

Here I am in Kansas City eagerly waiting for my internship to begin, All ready to start my awaited six months.

I have a link to my portfolio, if you want to check it out. 

Kuhoo Patel

Intern at B+A ArchitectsKansas

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