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One of my work colleagues invited me to join him and his friends in a trip they have planned to Yosemite on Thanksgiving. We drove for 3 hours from San Francisco until we arived there. The forecast was bad. Rain, snow, so much cold. We are in California and is pretty wierd to reach the 0ºC. I bought hikking boots, a new coat and and a few more accesories just in case. Yosemite is a huge national park known by its amazing nature. We rented an airbnb house with hottub. My colleague´s friends were all form Florida. I actually did not knew them so to be honest I was pretty nervous about that. We were gonna be there for 4 days.

I was gonna be there, within a house full of unknown people during a rainy and snowy 4 days stay. It reminded me to The Shinning. If anything goes on wrong I will not have a way out, I thought.

What seemed a horror movie turned into one of the best experiences of my life. All the guys I knew there I keep still in touch with and we had so much fun. Most of them are currently living in Los Angeles despite they are from Florida. I have planned to go visit them to LA. Yosemite was not disapointing. The huge trees, the breath taking mountains and clifts, the waterfalls, the amount of wild animals like deers, turkeys, squirels was so impressive. The house was so charmy and cozy and we had dinner all together as a new family.



Alvaro Lucas Guillen Bastante

Trainee at AMLGMSan Francisco

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