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I’ve been working and living abroad for the last few years but I have to admit that I always wanted to experience a city like New York, a very competitive and fast-paced city with a lot to offer. I did my master in Barcelona and worked for over 3 years in Shanghai, so I’m already used to travelling and exploring different cultures.

I first started by looking for job opportunities considering the typical work visa path (H1b’s) but honestly, it was really difficult to move on, due to the fact that it’s a lottery-based visa type and the process is very long and not so attractive for many local companies in terms of time. Fortunately, I read out about Architect-US online and I immediately decided to contact them to inquire more about the program. The program not just sponsors your J1 visa – a visa type that allows you to legally work in the US – but also takes care of all the paperwork and supports your application throughout the whole process, making it really much easier and convenient!

Later, I received an offer from Beyer Blinder Belle Architects for a position in their New York studio, and my program advisors, Isabel and Emilia, started working closely with my application, keeping me and the host company always informed with each step.

If you have interest in practising architecture, urban design or landscape in the United States I truly believe that the more convenient and fast way is to do it is through Architect-US. I just got my passport back with the visa approved and I can say that my journey in NYC is about to start!!!

Harold De la Rosa

Trainee at Beyer Blinder BelleNew York

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