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2017: Top 5 Accomplishments & Reasons for Choosing Architect-US in 2018!

Although 2018 will be the best year yet, 2017 has been pretty amazing for Architect-US! We are letting you in on our behind-the-scenes…

1. One More Year of Making People Happy

We are so thankful to say that 2017 has been a great year for us! Thanks to all of you – participants, potentials, partners, companies, friends and public – we are growing every day, learning new things and improving in order to make your adventures even better.

We love what we do – we love to see your smiles, as each of you leaves a footprint not only on our databases (haha!), but in our hearts as well, because we spend hours and hours figuring out how to make your dreams come true! You give us a purpose and that’s what sets Architect-US apart from the rest – we form a connection with you and aim to make everything as easy and as wonderful as possible for you!

2. International Reach

Our resolution for 2018 is to keep growing and improving so we can offer you a complete and perfect service. This year we’ve helped more than 100 participants from more than 25 nationalities and from (almost) all continents. Our favorite participants to work with are from:

Argentina, India, Portugal, Brazil, Israel, Russia, Canada, Italy, Spain, China, Lebanon, Sweden, Croatia, Mexico, UK, France, Poland, Vietnam and many more, of course…

Thanks to this technological time we are living in, we can reach even remote countries and we are still amazed every time we get contacted by new nationalities we didn’t suspect would know us! It’s an honor sponsoring people from around the world and giving them the opportunity to learn the American way. Breaking down cultural barriers it what we wish to continue doing as we believe it is the key to a better world.

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3. Year in Basic Numbers

2017 brought in some amazing stats that we’re willing to share with you:

Visits to our website: 17 824
Community men¡mbers: 2119
J1 Visa Program registrations: 215
Job+J1 Visa Program applications: 1048

For a company as young as ours, this information made us smile – good work, team!

4. Best Host Companies in 2017

We are very thankful for all the Host Companies that reached out and trusted us to get them the best international talents! Thank you to the companies that have been coming back and we welcome the new amazing companies that have partnered with us for the first time in 2017! It’s an honor having some of the world’s TOP architectural companies on our list for our participants to get the best experience in the USA!

Special mentions go out to our Top 50 Partners (we couldn’t reduce it further):

  1. OMA
  2. SOM
  3. Grimshaw Architects
  4. AECOM
  5. HOK
  6. SHoP Architects
  7. IBI Group
  8. CetraRuddy
  9. S9 Architecture
  10. TEN Arquitectos
  11. Handel Architects
  12. PAU
  13. M-Rad
  14. ITEC Entertainment
  15. Workshop APD
  16. Christian Lahoude
  17. Doo Architecture
  18. KFA
  19. Manifold Architecture Studio
  20. Scalar Architecture
  21. Young Projects
  22. APT Architecture
  23. Bittoni Architects
  24. BRG Studio
  25. Bulley and Andrews
  26. C3D Architecture
  27. Cicognani Kalla
  28. Concept Lighting Lab
  29. Edmonds Lee Architects
  30. Garrison Architects
  31. Gilsanz Murray Steficek
  32. Hoos Architecture
  33. Inglese Architecture
  34. Jorge Mastropietro Architect Atelier
  35. Ken Linsteadt Architects
  36. MacCracken Architects
  37. Minervini Vandermark Architecture
  38. MN DPC
  39. MR Architecture
  40. Old Structures Engineering
  41. PFA Architects
  42. PorterFanna Architects
  43. Romero VanRell Jeng & Associates
  44. Solomon Cordwell Buenz
  45. Space4 Architects
  46. SsD Architecture
  47. Studio 19 Architects
  48. Tom Cody Design
  49. Torrence Architect

5. Interacting with Incredible Institutions

We’ve done presentations, held talks and attended career fairs at some, and helped the amazing talents at all of them to achieve their professional goals. Here are our Top 15 Universities we’ve had the pleasure to work with this year:

  1. COAM
  2. ETSAB
  3. ETSAM
  4. ETSI Caminos
  5. École des ponts ParisTech
  6. ENSA Normandie
  7. FAUP
  8. IE University
  9. Politecnico di Milano
  10. Universidad de Navarra
  11. Universidad Europea
  12. Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
  13. University of Dundee
  14. University of East London
  15. University of Newcastle
  16. University of Toronto
  17. University of Westminster

And of course, partnerships are everything, so let us introduce you to our Top 5 Partners that have helped make this year such a great one for us:

  1. AIA NY
  2. ASSE Aspire Worldwide
  3. Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  4. Telefonica
  5. Santander
Photo by Kimson Doan

There’s so much more to say, but this post became a bit too long, so we’ll leave it for next time…

Thanks for the best year so far, Architect-US Community!

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