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Right now I am in Guadalajara, packing my entire life in a suitcase, full of illusion and wondering to arrive in New York City to start working for one of the best architecture offices in the world.

My name is Andrés, I am an architect and I ended my career a few months ago in ETSAM. I feel proud to share with you my experience with Architect-US. Let me explain from the very beginning.

Before heading my Final Thesis Project I felt so lost, lack of motivation that I couldn’t face next year of my life being unwilling. Then I heard about Architect-US Career Program and I attend the Program Director’s conference at my University.

At this point, I decided to move on and do everything I can, to work in New York, it would boost my career to achieve any goal in my life. Sadly, here in Spain, you are undervalued, our talent is huge, nevertheless, we need to be widely regarded in some other country to get a good job. I love Spain and I would like to stay if situation were different.

Thanks to Architect-US to bring me this amazing opportunity, it’s crazy just to think about how the process was, so easy. Took a few months until they found me the perfect job offer, but when they did, I get it! In the very first Skype interview I did, incredible. When I think about how much Patricia, CEO & US Market Director, helped me along the process… been so professional, attentive and encourage; I just can say thank you, I owe you a lot Patricia and all Architect-US team.

Don’t hesitate to contact them if you need to boost your career, your life!



Andrés Rábano


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